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Cabin crew:Meccti

İş ilanı açıklaması:

MECCTI Limited is an Official Recruitment Agency to Several International Airlines and is seeking personnel to join its fastest growing reputed clients in the Middle East for the position of Cabin Crew.


We invite you to attend the interview for Cabin Crew with following tasks:
- checking boarding passes
- directing passengers to seats
- advising passengers of safety regulations
- serving meals and drinks
- providing first aid treatment and assisting sick passengers
- etc.

Aranan Özellikler:


o Pref. Females
o Age preferable between 21 and 28 years.
o Preferable single, with no children.
o No visible tattoos.
o Preferable minimum height of 162 cm (females) able to reach a height of 214 cm (on tip toes).
o Educated to a minimum level of accredited secondary education or equivalent.
o MUST have a high standard of English language; verbal, written and comprehension. Fluency in another language is an advantage (for example German, Russian and others) but not essential!
o Medically fit to meet regulatory requirements.
o Ability to swim at least 50 m unaided.
o Willing to relocate to the Middle East.
o Experience in front line customer care is advantage, but not essential! For example as a cabin crew (ex-cabin crew, senior crew) or hospitality

İş İlanı Sektörü: Diğer [ Diğer bütün iş ilanlarını görüntüle ]
İşin Tipi: Sözleşmeli
Ücret Sınırları: 10,001 - 20,000
Diploma: Ortaokul/Middle School
Deneyim (yıl): Belirtilmemiş
İşin Yeri: Türkiye
Kazanımlar ve Diğer Bilgiler: Length of Contract

Minimum of two years and longer


Fully furnished shared apartment - accommodation provided by employer for a cost.


Provided by employer.
Other Benefits

o Personal interview
o Starting salary from approximately 1,500 - 1,700 Euro per month, Tax free. (Increasing of salary after successful completion of Probation period)
o Opportunity to become Senior Cabin Crew with increased salary of 40-50%
o Free training course provided, Free training course provided.(Plus basic salary during training)
o Free Annual leave ticket to your country.
o Worldwide discounts in restaurants and bars.
o 30 days annual leave & Annual leave ticket.
o Medical care.
o Free Uniform.
o Opportunity for career progression.
o End of service payment based on length of service - bonus after completion of contract.
o Unlimited rebated standby tickets on carrier’s flights for self and family members provided.
Şirket Tipi Eleman Bulucu
Tarih: 28/07/2012 / Görüntü: 18353 kere
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