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I am a voice to all humanity from Türkiye. Before writing this sentences, i have experienced many things in the last three months. My purpose is not to make people anxious or create chaos.

I am a messenger and, what i tell you is my mission. All people come to the world to perform a task and play their roles. I am here to do my duty and play my role.  The fact that  God will help me in performing my duty is enough for me. With  God's help everything is possible. Do not forget this.

I will try to reveal the facts shorthly as well as possible. We are in the end times of the world.I do not know how long time it will take for the world to reach to the end.But we started to

move towards to the end. I want to tell you that awakening started.

What is awakening?

Nothing is hidden to God, neither in the ground nor in the sky.   

Most of you know the sentences of  God. The sentence written above in large letters is one of the them. I will convey you the  sentences of  God from The Kur'an. Because, Kur'an is the last holy book sent by God. What is the reality underlying the words above written in large letters? I will try to explain the facts by means of the things i experienced. As the God stated nothing is hidden to God. And, probably in the last times of the world ,that is in the times we live in, you will experience and notice the sins you have committed. You will probably notice them by experiencing again in your mind.I should tell you that this is a very heavy situation.It is not easy to account in the presence of God. Because every action has a counterpart in the sight of God. This situation could be  very difficult  for the people with the life full of intense sins.It is not easy. But that does not mean that there is no way for the people led a life full of sins. There is always a mid point. It is true that , God accept our rependances to a specific degree. But if you go in the mid- point as God told us,  you have a chance to shift the scales to your side as much as possible before the end.To be in the middle point means there is always a chance for redemption.God tells us that the best way is the middle way.

I will try to approach the situation in terms of the bad and good people.I think that bad people think they are in a swamp and can not get out of there in no ways. This situation puts the world and the people called evil into an insurmountable situation.On the other side, good people are sometimes very inconsiderate ,and definitely not forgiving.They sometimes are not open to people. They forget that God is very forgiving.This bilateral situation creates a war between good and bad people.Bad people think that they will not be forgiven by God, and continue their way.I mean the bad people who believe in the existence of God. I do not think there is a chance for the people who do not believe in and swear to God.Their eyes and ears are sealed by the God.The fact that a person is good is not enough, if a person does not have faith. There is no point in swearing to God and being a good person.These people's eyes and ears are sealed. They can not see and hear the facts. We should end the war before late.

What is the solution?

-Meet and move in the middle point

-Share the responsibility in every  point in life, do not try to load the fault on other people with %100 . Share the fault.

-See yourself in the mirror. See your own faults before judging other people's.

- Treat people equally. Do not back people beacuse you have a pity or you like them.

-Do not think that you are needy.Trust in God.

-Help to really faithful people both finacially,if possible, and morally.

-Do not feel lonely. God is very close to us.

-Try to be forgiving if possible. Do not be too strict. Because world is a stage and we are players.

-Blind your ego.Try to bend yourself  without twisting. Respect to yourself and other people.












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