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"Chudo Pechka"Ltd.

Our company is a major manufacturer of Confectionery products and leading company in Azerbaijan in the field of fast food and retail network of confectionary goods.
“Chudo Pechka” company controls and supervises 70% of the confectionery market of Azerbaijan and has the most extensive retail network in this segment of the market. And our company was rewarded with such famous prizes as:
-BID, Quality Summit Award for quality and business prestige, New-York 2003
-Business prestige and quality from the Spanish magazine “Actualidad”, Vienna 2004
-International Platinum Star for Quality, Paris 2004
-Arch of Europe for Quality and Technology Diamond Category, Frankfurt 2005
-Century International Diamond Quality era Award, Geneva 2005
-International Quality Crown Award, London 2005
-National premium “Ugur”, Company of the Year, Baku 2006
-International Summit “Leader of the National Economy. Top 100”, Moscow 2006
Nowadays “Chudo Pechka” has:
-11 shops of retail network of in-house confectionary goods and convenience products;
-Restaurant of World Cuisine “Five Qazan”, additionally with fast food, free flow sections and coffee and tea houses; and “Guzushka club”;
-Production complex placed on 5.400 square metre area;
-1000 hectares agricultural property on the north of Azerbaijan, on which orchards and vineyards are organizing now;
-40 hectares of land in pictorial places of Azerbaijan, on which we are planning to build tourist centres and housing communities;
-Besides, before long in this year we will put into operation the largest sponge factory in Southern Caucasus.

Şirket: "Chudo Pechka"Ltd.
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URL: http://www.chudopechka.com
Kayıt Tarihi: 07/04/2007
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