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By gloria, 11/12/2011




Oyuncular: Bodhi Elfman-Beth Riesgraf-Nancy Cartwright-Jason Dohring-Marisol Nichols-Jenna Elfman-Kelly Preston-Jennifer Aspen-Erika Christensen- Ethan Suplee

Senarist:Milena Ferreira

Yapımcı: Nathan Lorch

Yönetmen: Taron Lexton



Rhode Island International Film Festival Winner 2008

Breckenridge Film Festival Winner 2008

Big Bear Lake International Film Festival Winner 2008

Mammoth International Film Festival Winner 2008

California Indie Film Festival Winner 2008

Santa Clarita Valley Film Festival Winner 2009

Toofy Film Festival Winner 2008

South Dakota Film Festival Winner 2008

Long Island Int. Film Expo Winner 2008

Atlanta Film Festival 2008

Palm Beach Fılm Festival 2008

Cannes Online Film Festival 2008

Be Film Undergrund Fılm Festival 2008

Worldwide Shorts Film Festival 2008

Seattle Film Festival 2008

St. Louis İnt. Film Festival 2008

South Africa Int. Film Festival 2008

Berlin İnt. Short Film Festival 2008

Lake Country Film Festival 2008

San Diego Film Festival 2008

Calgary Int. Film Festival 2008

St. Johns Int. Womens Film Festival 2008

Beloit İnt. Film Festival 2008

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